Safesoft’s Dual Voltage Automotive Siren

REF: SIB-1184
  • Description

    Safesoft’s Dual Voltage Automotive Siren is a sound-signaling device for events indicated by a vehicle tracker. In case of activation, it produces an intermittent sound with a sound power of 115 dB..

    Safesoft’s Siren’s advantages

    GREATER RUGGEDNESS: Since the electronic plate does not use a transformer (as the competitors do), it is lighter and so it bears more vibrations from the field.

    LESSER RMA INDEX: Safesoft’s Siren has holes to drain the water that hits the “super seal” connector in the base of the siren (when it is disconnected). This is a frequent problem in the field and it has been corrected by our project. That is, since water does not accumulate, there occurs no oxidation, preventing malfunction for bad contact.

    BETTER SEALING: In our test, the sealing of the connector’s pins bore 1 m wc (Meters Water Column) for more than 24 hours. That is, humidity does not hit the electronic plate through gravity.

    SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION: Its smaller size makes its installation in the engine hood simpler and faster, since the siren fits anywhere (see dimensions in the manual).

    GREATER SOUND PRESSURE: Despite the greater compactness of our siren, it has higher efficiency (sound volume).

    COMPATIBILITY WITH THE LEGACY: Besides all its advantages, our siren is absolutely compatible with the trailer by the Reference Branch in the market. That is, upgrading for Safesoft’s siren can be conducted without having to reinstall the rail.

    Click on the link below to download the manual

  • Additional information

    • Weight:

      0.150 kg

    • Dimensions :

      20 × 17 × 9 cm

    • The kit of the product includes:

      • 1 Safesoft’s Dual Voltage Automotive Siren;
      • 1 Superseal 2-way female 2 m;
      • 1 DIN rail for siren;
      • 2 Self-drilling screw, flanged head, philips M4.2×19.


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