TCP-IP Serial TTL Converter Module

REF: CNV-0414

Categories: Converter TCP/IP

  • Description

    The CNV-0414 is a complete Serial Ethernet Converter with reduced dimensions in order to be embedded in equipment that requires a connection to Ethernet networks. The equipment was developed to be the Serial Ethernet Converter with the most competitive cost in the market without losing the facilities implemented in the full version. To use it, it is necessary to assemble – in addition to the CNV-0414 – the RJ45 connector. This can be purchased separately from Safesoft. 

    The Firmware of the CNV-0414 is the same as that of the Ethernet Serial Converter, differing only in the dimensions. The serial interface is TTL and the power supply is 3V3. 

  • Additional information

    • Power supply:


    • Operating current:


    • Data Bits:

      7 or 8

    • Stop bits:

      1 or 2

    • Baud Rate:

      300 BPS ~ 115200 BPS 

    • Parity:

      none, even, odd

    • Flow Control:

      None, Hardware (RTS/CTS), Software (XON/XOFF)

    • Compatibility:

      IEEE 802.3

    • Speed:


    • Single Address :

      MAC for UDP/IP

    • Support:


    • Client mode:

      Establishes the connections (or sockets)

    • Server mode:

      Waits for up to four connections (or sockets) – Support for MODBUS, with bidirectional conversion from MODBUS/RTU to MODBUS/TCP. 

    • Operating Temperature:

      -20ºC ~70°C

    • Dimensions:

      (LxWxH) = 2 cm, 0.5cm, 2.2 cm

    • Weight:


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