Electronic Box Truck Lock

REF: TB-1283 | TB-1284

This product is exclusively sold to tracking companies.

Safesoft’s Motorized Electronic Cargo Box Lock.
Product intended to lock chassis cabs in semi-trailers, small trucks and vans. It may be used in vehicles with refrigerated or dry boxes.

Categories: Cargo Box Locks

  • Description

    Electronically activated motorized cargo box lock. It works with the main tracking platforms available jointly with your tracker.

    Safesoft’s Cargo Box Lock has an electronic system developed to be applicable to refrigerated or dry box trucks, and it may be exposed to bad weather conditions and abrasive materials used in the cleaning of vehicles.

    Through its power control system, it makes consecutive attempts of opening in order to make way for the pin, such as breaking ice blocks in the case of refrigerated boxes.




    Click on the link below to download the manual:

  • Additional information

    • Weight:

      1.223 kg

    • Dimensions:

      18.54 × 13.64 × 5.6 cm

    • Model:

      Open extended bolt (TB-1283), Open retracted bolt. (TB-1284)

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