Intelligent Bivolt Battery Charger – New Desing – 03 Years Warranty

REF: CB-1296

Categories: Charger

  • Description

    The CB-01296 is the most modern and reliable battery charger produced in Brazil. Its Bivolt output allows flexibility in use and decrease of your stock, because the same equipment charges 12V and 24V batteries (selectable by automotive fuses on the back of the device). It has a full range input that allows perfect operation with network voltages from 90Vac to 240Vac. 

    Through its protection against short circuit and reverse polarity, even if the poles are reversed at the time of installation, there is no risk of damage or loss of the device. If inversion occurs, the user can see a warning light indicating the need to change the poles. The charger is of the high-frequency switched type, with fully controlled output. The battery receives constant current during charging, its aluminum casing makes it lightweight, and its supports allow perfect attachment to switchboard rails. 

  • Additional information

    • Nominal input voltage:

      90 to 240 Vac automatic

    • Input frequency:

      60 Hz

    • Input / output isolation:

      1500Vdc for 1min

    • Maximum output power:


    • Charge voltage:

      13,8Vdc or 27,6Vdc

    • Output short circuit protection:

      Yes, output disarming

    • Reverse polarity protection:

      Yes, output disarming

    • Switching frequency:

      134 kHz

    • Operating temperature:

      0ºC à 65ºC

    • Humidity:

      0 to 90% without condensation

    • Storage temperature:

      -10 à 85ºC

    • EMI input filter:


    • Output short-circuit protection:


    • Led for status indication::


    • Automatic reset:


    • Input Fuse:

      Glass 4A(1)

    • Refrigeration:


    • Dimensões C x L x A:

      185 x 80 x 60 mm

    • Weight:


    • Dimensions:

       L x W x H – 185 x 80 x 60 mm 

    • Enclosure:

      Aluminum sink

    • Color:


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