125KHZ RFID Tag Keychain

REF: IDN-1253/IDN-1312

This product is exclusively sold to distributors.

Categories: Keychain RFID

  • Description

    Use the 125KHz RFID TAG in access control systems, security devices, time and
    attendance, or in alarms and other equipment that works with radio frequency identification.
    The product has an ID pre-programmed and engraved on the keychain for easy
    identification. To read the data from the tag, use the RFID 125KHz reader.

    Frequency: 125kHz

    Data Format: RFID

    Units per package: 1000

  • Additional information

    • Material:


    • Dimensions:

      40 x 32 x 4 mm (unit)

    • Weight:

      4g (unit)

    • Frequency:

      125 kHz

    • Operating temperature:

      -10° C a 60° C

    • Maximum reading distance:

      9 cm

    • Reading time:

      2 ms

    • CHIP Type:


    • Memory:

      No memory (chip is read-only)

    • Model:

      ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying)

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