iButton 1990A-F5 

REF: IDN-0811

This product is for sale exclusively to distributors. 

Categories: iButton

  • Description

    It contains a unique, inviolable code, engraved by the manufacturer and with no possibility of fraud; 

    Its structure is made of stainless steel, offering high mechanical resistance; The digital reading of the data is done by contact with the reader; 

    The maximum time to read the data is 5ms; 

    It does not use internal batteries, the power is supplied only during contact with the reader;

  • Additional information

    • Communication mode:

      one wire

    • iButton number reading:

      is done through physical contact between the reader and the component.

    • Operating temperature:

      -40 °C to 85 °C

    • Operation:

      2.8 V to 6.0 V

    • Unique Code:

      64 bit

    • Maintenance:

      Dispensed of any kind

    • Dimensions:


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