125KHZ Clamshell Proximity Card

REF: IDN-1254

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Categories: Proximity Card

  • Description

    Working as a powerful data acquisition system in real time, the RFID Card eliminates any visual and manual human intervention, making the transition time dynamic and consecutively guaranteeing a better efficiency and effectiveness to your project. 

    RFID card technology can be applied in a wide range of projects, among which we can highlight, for example, its use in access control, security, personal identification, vehicle traffic control, etc. 

    With a function very similar to that of a bar code, the RFID Card has intelligent labels (tags) which are efficient components in identifying codes. 

    The RFID Card with an ever-increasing prospect of real time and hassle-free data delivery is concerned with better data management and personnel access control.

    The application area of the RFID card will depend on the creativity of the designer. Discoveries regarding its use are evolving, but they make everyday activities simpler and more refined.

    Frequency: 125kHz 

    Data Format: RFID 

    Units per package: 100 

    Card Pattern: Clamshell 

    • RFID Card 

    • RFID cards have a unique code; 

    • Used frequently to manage and identify the presence of people; 

    • Technology that uses radio frequency for data traffic control; 

    • Eliminates any manual human intervention; 

    • Increasingly dynamic transition time; 

    • Better efficiency and effectiveness for your project; 

    • Indispensable for those seeking greater convenience and practicality

  • Additional information

    • Dimensions (LxWxH):

      85,5 x 54 x 1,8 mm (unit)

    • Weight:


    • Color:


    • Frequency:


    • CHIP Type:

      TK4100, EM4200

    • Rewritable :


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